Toronto Images - FAQ


Please address all questions you may have to admin (AT)



1- What is an Editorial Image? 

Editorial images may only be used as illustrative in blogs, articles, newspapers, etc. It may not be used for ANY commercial use E.g: commercials, advertisement, selling, etc.

All images are by default considered Editorial.  If the photographer has a release then it must be uploaded before marking the Editorial Box. Photos with no branding, letters, numbers or persons can be uploaded as Commercial Images. Food images sell well.

Licensing party is responsible for the consequences of using an Editorial image as Commercial. If the licensing party wants to use an image in a commercial way, it is its sole responsibility to find a model or property release. Check our licenses for more information.

2- When is contributor paid?

The threshold for payment is $30 dollars. As soon as you reach that level. You will be paid by the 15th day of the following month.

3- How will a contributor be paid? 

Currently, we only pay contributors to verified Paypal accounts

4- How are sales reported?

They are reported in your profile as soon as they happen (real-time reporting) 

5-What are good practices in keywording my images? 

 * The title of the image is used by search engines E.g: Google, Bing, etc to index the image. It is a good practice that the title describes what the image is and also that it includes the word 'Toronto' 

*Description is a longer version of the title. It is where extra details are added. An explanation of the details that can be seen in the image or subjective elements (happy, sad, etc) 

*Keywords: this can be simple or complex. A simple keyword would be 'car'. A complex one could be 'red car'. Complex keywords are better for things that are likely to be searched like that E.g: 'CN Tower' 

All fields are searchable on the website. Only the title is indexed by the Search Engines.



Please remember you are licensing the image for using it as many times as you like during your lifetime without paying anything else (Royalty Free). However, photographer maintains the copyright of the image at all times. Reselling or redistributing the images is strictly prohibited. Using them in your blogs, articles, publications, etc is ok. 


Also, please remember, if using an image commercially, you are the only responsible one to obtain further clearances such Model or Property releases. 


1- How will I receive the images after I pay?

You will receive a download link for the image at the email that you provided at the time of check out